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Review of FreeSiteStatus

Did you know that 90% of shopping in several industries begins online? Imagine customers clicking to get to your site only to receive an error message, and what’s worse, you only become aware of the challenge if a customer decides to contact you. A website uptime monitory company not only warns you of your website crashing, but can also save you thousands in lost revenue.

When your business’ website is down, every second counts. Getting back up and running not only reunifies you to your revenue stream, but it also reconnects you to the online world of clients, customers, and search engines.

When you first sign up with the site you are automatically given a 14 day free trial of FreeSiteStatus Professional Website Monitoring service. At the end of the trial, your account will be downgraded to the free version, or you may upgrade to Professional and continue the monitoring services you’ve used over the past two weeks. A unique style of FreeSiteStatus is that only two packages are offered for website monitoring, but you do have customizable features within the purchased plan.

Free Account

With the FreeSiteStatus Free Account, you will receive website checks with a 60 minute monitoring interval, access to multiple monitoring locations, one email contact for when downtime or errors are detected on your site, a one year report retention and public report availability. The website monitoring service is recommended for personal website or blogs.

Professional Account

The Professional Account with FreeSiteStatus offers a customizable monitoring interval of one minute to 60 minutes from multiple monitoring locations. Email contact is unlimited with the professional package, as are push updates. Advanced notification options are also available with a lifetime of report retention, assistance from the technical support team, participation in uptime ranking and public report use. The Professional Account price can vary, but the price begins at $2 per month.

Speed is Key

FreeSiteStatus notes that its monitoring service is a simple and trustworthy infrastructure and interface to make monitoring an enjoyable experience. When most business owners or managers dread any type of website maintenance or upgrades, FreeSiteStatus can make the process a bit easier. The monitoring network constantly tests your websites and servers, even when you’re taking the day off. From performance graphs to failure alerts, FreeSiteStatus provides you the right tools to not only react to web issues, but to prevent problems from happening.

No False Alarms

With multiple monitor locations, FreeSiteStatus will not waste your time. The company monitors your websites and servers from a network of 32 worldwide monitoring stations. When the website monitoring company alerts you, you know it’s time to act. Stop receiving false alarms from services that alert you after noticing only one error report. FreeSiteStatus not only checks your site, but the company rechecks from a different monitoring location to ensure the downtime is actually occurring before you receive an alert. FreeSiteStatus lets you set the requirements by allowing you to increase or decrease the sensitivity of monitoring. You can specify factors like timeout, waiting time and locations. When a challenge is observed, you’ll be the first to know with notifications via email, SMS and push alerts.

Performance Reports

With the mindset of “knowledge is power,” FreeSiteStatus provides you all the information you need about the uptime and performance of your websites and servers in easy-to-read reports and graphs. Public reports are also available to help you form a strategic plan on how to improve your site, remove upload slowing content and schedule necessary maintenance as needed. You and your team will eventually take some time away from managing and improving the company website, so leave the tedious job of constantly confirming the uptime of your site to FreeSiteStatus.

Core Features

The main goal of FreeSiteStatus is to improve your infrastructure performance and prevent downtime to keep you online and available for your customers. The core features of FreeSiteStatus are:

  • Monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Receive downtime alerts by email, SMS and push notification.
  • Keep track of uptime & performance of your website.
  • Show uptime reports on your website to increase sales.

The truth is anyone who has a website or server needs monitoring. FreeSiteStatus desires to make the monitoring process as easy as possible. Having a website uptime monitor that alerts you to potential problems beyond a complete crash is key to your online success. FreeSiteStatus wants you to know when your website or server is down before your customers do.

Websites and mobile apps have become the basis of everything a business does. In today’s ever changing web and mobile-first atmosphere, in which a business’ success or failure often depends on customers being able to access information and products on the company’s website, it’s vitally important to keep track of what works on a website and what does not.

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