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Review of Host Tracker

Minimizing your website’s downtime is frequently dependent on, for the large part, reducing the time between when customers can no longer access your website to when someone who can do something about it finds out. Website monitoring companies are designed to minimize, if not completely eliminate, that window of time so that you’re notified of an error or downtime often before customers even realize the mishap.

A website uptime monitory company not only warns you of your website crashing, but can also save you thousands in lost revenue. Of course, while your bottom line being affected is a big deal, it’s not the only detriment your business could face during downtime. You could easily lose search engine ranking position as well as the confidence of your customer base. Avoiding the lost revenue, technical challenges and customer frustration can be tackled with the implementation of a website monitoring company like Host Tracker.

Host Tracker has several features to aid you in keeping your site up and running as well as bettering how end users view your website.

  • Instant down alerts through SMS, Email, Gtalk, Voice call, and Skype
  • HTTP/HTTPS, PING, SMTP, SNMP, TCP port tests
  • Check domain/ip for presence in DNS black lists
  • Distributed monitoring from 50+ locations
  • Detailed stats and reports
  • Checks keywords on the page
  • Response time monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Instant website check
  • Monitoring period from one minute


The three packages from Host Track begin with a price point as low as $3.25 a month. The Personal Package includes monitoring of up to five URLs at 10 minute intervals. You can add up to five contacts to your list of people to be reached if downtime is detected with unlimited alerts for your site. You’ll also receive 50 SMS messages with the Personal Package and can utilize the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports to help identify reoccurring problems with your website and make adjustments as needed.


The Business Package from Host Tracker begins at just $18.25 a month and is the company’s most popular plan. Receive monitoring for up to 25 URLs at 60 second intervals with unlimited contacts and alerts and 300 SMS messages. A special feature offered within this package is domain expiration monitoring in task, in addition to certificate expiration monitoring in task. You’ll have API access and receive daily reports regarding your site’s performance.


The Enterprise Package, designed for mid-level to large businesses, begins at a price point of $74.92 a month and you can monitor up to 150 URLs with a one minute interval check time. Utilize the error response snapshooting tool, offered only with the Enterprise Package from Host Tracker, which alerts you to errors and the possible origination of the problem to help you more quickly address the problem. You will also enjoy features like task cron scheduling, SNMP monitoring tasks, database monitoring tasks and daily reports.

Help Center

The help system offered by Host Tracker includes a glossary of terms to help users understand what each type of monitoring means and to identify the tools Host Tracker uses to complete the routine checks. Also offered within the help center is a FAQ page that hosts a list of possible questions users may have. Each question has a short answer with a link to an example or more information, which can be very helpful for visual learners. Even the Host Tracker blog is included in the help center. Many of the posts pertain to the use of different tools from the website monitoring company, as well as general information regarding bettering your website for a strong end user experience. Host Tracker clarifies that there is no software to install and potential clients can register in less than 60 second.

Worldwide Locations

Host Tracker uses multiple locations to monitor your site. Not only does the company use the numerous geographical vantage points to run routine checks, but another advantage is that the company can offer multilocation problem confirmation. So, if one location reports downtime or an error message from your site, Host Tracker can contact a second location to see if that check picks up on the same problems. By having the multi-location problem confirmation, Host Tracker minimizes the likelihood that you or your team will be contacted with a false report of a website crash.

Having a website uptime monitor that alerts you to potential problems beyond a complete crash is key to your online success. Host Tracker wants you to know when your website or server is down before your customers do. Whether you’re shopping around, or not sure you really want to commit to a website monitoring system at all, you can begin your monitoring experience with the free account from Host Tracker to see if the features offered fit your business needs.

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