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Review of InternetSeer

Websites and mobile apps have become the basis of everything a business does. In today’s ever changing web and mobile-first atmosphere, in which a business’ success or failure often depends on customers being able to access information and products on the company’s website, it’s vitally important to keep track of what works on a website and what does not. When it comes to the varied pricing and many services offered by some website monitoring services, the product that fits one business perfectly and helps them maintain a well-designed website, will not necessarily operate well for another company.

Imagine customers flocking to your site only to receive an error message, and what’s worse, you only become aware of the challenge if a customer decides to contact you. InternetSeer monitoring systems remotely check your website from several geographic monitoring locations at customizable intervals. If the company’s monitoring system is unable to reach the site, an email or SMS alert is sent to you so you can begin to address the problem immediately.

Three purchase plans are offered by InternetSeer, and a free monitoring system is also available for those wishing to test the system before making a commitment.


The Free Package includes availability reports from InternetSeer and master account maintenance. The 14 day free trial gives you insight into your website’s functionality and helps you better certain pages of the site should you notice a slow load time. You can also add an unlimited number of contacts to the account so more people within your company are aware of a challenge when it is noticed.


InternetSeer has developed a proprietary monitoring system over the past several years and continues to build new features into the system. With the Advanced Package, users have access to availability reports, variable time zone reporting, custom reports, suspension scheduler and customizable interval checking from 60, 30, 15 or five minute time frames. You can also choose, if you prefer, to have immediate or verified alerts. When an error occurs and it is validated, the InternetSeer system notifies all contacts you identify in your account. If the error continues, the website monitoring company will notify you again after 30 minutes, which is the last alert sent until the error is fixed. Once the error has been fixed, you’ll receive an email recovery notification. Your monthly investment begins at $12.99 for this plan.


With a starting price point of $21.99, the InternetSeer Pro Package includes features like live check, image check, broken link reporting and custom reports. The report you receive from the monitoring system shows the load time of webpages and helps you pinpoint where a problem lies. Your site offers limited value to your customers if they are consistently waiting for large images or advertisements to load. Also included in the Pro Package is alert confirmation protocol protection and monitored protocols of HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP. POP3 and other Ports.


Upgrade your InternetSeer monitoring service with the Enterprise Package. Subscribers have access to DNA monitoring, user performance reports, hacker check, broken link reporting and a monitoring frequency of 30, 15, or five minutes. The overview reports offered by InternetSeer give you insight into how your website is running, and where potential problems may lie, even before a crash. The monthly price for this plan starts at $33.99.

The InternetSeer team openly shares its passion of small businesses and designs new tools and features for website monitoring with small businesses in mind. The backbone features of InternetSeer are:

  • Availability Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Link and Image Checking
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Historical and Detailed Check and Alert Reporting

The InternetSeer software tracks your website’s failures, error messages and downtime and logs detailed reports of your website each month. You can browse the reports to be pro-active in bettering your site to avoid a crash, or to simply better the user experience by looking into content that may be causing a slow load time for your end users. The small business focused website monitoring company is committed to alerting you the second your site experiences downtime.

InternetSeer proclaims “you don’t need an IT degree to use it!” That is likely one of the leading reasons this company claims more than 1.4 million subscribers. Have the peace of mind that your online business really is open 24/7 with InternetSeer monitoring services.

When your business’ website is down, every second counts. Getting back up and running not only reunifies you to your revenue stream, but it also reconnects you to the online world of clients, customers, and search engines. You can test the Standard Package from InternetSeer at no cost for 14 days. Get a feel for how the service works and how you can best utilize the reports to see if you’re interested in upgrading your package to the Advanced, Pro or Enterprise Plan.

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