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Review of Observu

It’s not feasible for you or your team to sit in front of a monitor and ensure your website is working every second of the day. That’s where a website monitoring service steps in. When you need to do other things with your day – like run a business – a strong uptime monitoring company can fill the void of being website gatekeeper. Hiring a company to alert you if downtime is detected not only saves you potential loss of revenue, but can also prevent your brand image from being tarnished by constant error messages as users attempt to access your site.

Observu, although one of the lesser recognized website monitoring companies in the digital flood of monitoring services, offers five different plans to fit your website needs. In addition, the company uses features like Real Browser Monitoring, multiple alert methods and server performance reports. Access to each of these features may vary depending on which plan you purchase.


Allow Observu to monitor your website with five monitors, API access, customizable alerts when a problem is detected and email web support from the Observu technical support team starting at $6.95 a month. The Basic Plan best suites the needs of a personal website or blog, as it does not permit multiple users or access to the Real Browser Monitor.


The recommended package, or Business Plan, starts at $14.99 a month and offers 10 monitors, insights from the Real Browser Monitor, raw data history and special notifications. Users with this plan have access to the Observu technical support team through email and receive 1MB of hourly data input.


There are 25 monitors, access to information for up to three websites within the Real Browser Monitor tool, multi-user access and 2MB hourly data input limit with the Plus Plan. The monthly fee for this advanced plan begins at $29.50 and allows Observu users to take advantage of website monitoring for a multi-level business.


A larger business may consider the Premium Package at $57.99 a month. Your website will be checked with 50 monitors, you’ll have access to the Real Browser Monitor for up to five websites, raw data history, customizable notifications and allowance of multiple users are offered with this plan.


An Enterprise Plan is offered for the largest of Observu business customers. Around-the-clock tech support is offered with this package as well as a full site crawler to ensure the successful uptime of your website. Observu encourages large businesses to contact them for details into the Enterprise Plan.

Real Browser Monitoring

One of the most useful tools offered by Observu is the Real Browser Monitoring. This feature of the website uptime monitoring tool helps you gain insight into page load times as experienced by your website users. Your site offers limited value to your customers if they are consistently waiting for large images or advertisements to load.

The reports you receive from the monitoring system will show the load time of webpages and help you pinpoint where a problem lies. The system fully loads all webpage resources, including images, icons, CSS and JavaScript files in 15 minute intervals, which helps the system spot a delay in website performance and help you address the situation before it causes downtime to your site.

Server Monitoring

Observu understands that virtually any monitoring system can offer response times and server statistics of your system performance. However, what you are really interested in goes beyond standard metrics.

To help you stay pro-active in keeping your site up and running successfully, Observu offers useful metrics so you can keep track of specific areas of your website. You can even import your own metrics into Observu and set up alerting rules and notifications to keep track when things change beyond limits you expect them to be.

In addition to the detailed server monitoring, Observu also offers several documents explaining how to operate the system from setting up your accounts to viewing all reports. Detailed explanations are offered on topics of how to add a monitor, installing the Observu Server Monitoring Agent and many more.

Multiple Monitoring Locations

Observu has multiple monitor locations throughout the Unites States and other continents to ensure all users of your website have success in loading each page and making purchases, among other things. Consider that there are monitors in New York, Oregon, Ireland, and Tokyo, just to name a few, that constantly check your website. You can select for each monitor which locations should be used to check your website availability.

When your business’ website is down, every second counts. Getting back up and running not only reunifies you to your revenue stream, but it also reconnects you to the online world of clients, customers, and search engines.

You can try Observu for free for 14 days to see if the website monitoring system fits your needs before committing to one of the larger plans.



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