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Review of Pingdom

A website uptime monitory company not only warns you of your website crashing, but can also save you thousands in lost revenue. Did you know that 90% of shopping in several industries begins online? Imagine customers flocking to your site only to receive an error message, and what’s worse, you only become aware of the challenge if a customer decides to contact you.

Many customers of Pingdom argue the website monitoring company offers the most granular reporting for your site. One of the newest features to emerge from Pingdom is the Page Speed Monitoring tool. In addition, customers can receive personalized tutorial sessions on a variety of Pingdom tools with the short videos posted to Vimeo. Finally, customers can utilize the Real User Monitoring tool to experience their website just as customers do.

Page Speed Monitoring

Speed matters. In fact, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, according to a survey from Forrester Consulting. For that reason, one of the latest tools provided by Pingdom is a great resource for website owners. The Page Monitoring System allows customers to analyze the load time of pages of their website and develop ways to make them faster. Users can continuously track a site’s load time and be pro-active in discovering content on the page that may be slowing the user experience.

Tutorial Videos

You will find more than 30 videos on the Pingdom page in Vimeo. Whether you want to understand the basics of a website check, get a general overview of the website monitoring service or specifically drill down into how to complete a task within your Pingdom account, these videos are incredibly helpful. Most of the clips are shorter than two minutes, so you can view several videos, improve your understanding of the website monitoring company and be back to bettering your site without spending a lot of time watching and re-watching a “how-to” video.

Real User Monitoring

Pingdom states the Real User Monitoring service is designed to deliver a higher quality web experience to each user. With this innovative service from Pingdom, you can receive insight into the performance of your site, discover where potential problems lie and view how international users really see your site.

Pingdom offers a variety of monitoring packages, but the price fluctuates depending on whether you’d like to pay on a monthly basis or pay one annual fee. There are five packages from which to choose, and the monitoring company guides customers based on their needs.


The package recommended for a personal website or blog offers 10 checks with one minute intervals and one advanced check with a limited use of Real User Monitoring. In addition, Starter Package users have access to basic alerting and 50 SMS text messages. Custom support is offered on the Silver Support level, to include online and chat assistance for a monthly fee of $14.95, or $13.95 if you choose to pay annually.


The Standard Package is designed for a small business website. With 50 checks at 60 second intervals, a public status page and the inclusion of select test locations, the $45.95 monthly fee or $42.95 with yearly payment in full, will be worth the investment when you are alerted to any downtime activity. With this package, users also receive three advanced checks, 200 SMS alerts and Silver Support.


Pingdom recommends the Advanced Package for those needing advanced level website monitoring. The system includes 60 checks with five advanced checks and Real User Monitoring for up to 1 million pageviews a month and five websites. In addition, three users can be added to the alert system which offers the basic alerting as well as beep manager and includes 350 SMS messages. The monthly investment for the Advanced Package will run you $89.95 monthly or $82.95, depending on your payment option.


Dubbed The All-Inclusive Suite, the Professional Package carries a fee of $249 a month or $229, based on how you choose to pay. For that fee, your account includes 250 checks, multi-user login, invoice payment option, 25 advanced check and subdomain monitoring within your Real User Monitoring tool. Five people can be included in the Professional alerting tool with the option of up to 500 SMS messages. You’ll receive the Gold Support level of technical support from Pingdom with this package.


The most advanced monitoring option from Pingdom is designed for extensive monitoring with the monthly investment starting at $454 a month.

Pingdom is known for being active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Stay connected with vibrant photos, informative articles and behind-the-scenes looks at what the Pingdom team is developing. The company connects with clients and potential customers by alerting them of new services and innovative tools developed by the company.

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