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Review of Pingometer

When it comes to the world of website uptime monitors, there are numerous services available online, but with the services provided by, which include unlimited alerts, adjustable check frequency, a wide variety of monitors to choose from and around-the-clock customer support, the only decision you need to make is which plan works best for your business.

When your business website is down, every second counts. Getting back up and running not only reunifies you to your revenue stream, but it also reconnects you to the online world of clients, customers, and search engines.

Small Plan

Get access to five monitors in three locations with email and phone support from the Pingometer team with the small account plan. In addition, you choose how often you would like us to check your site. Choose a frequency from every one to 30 minutes and receive a 100% accuracy guarantee that you won’t receive false positives – when you are alerted to downtime, Pingometer guarantees it has checked and reconfirmed the challenge before you are contacted.

Medium (and recommended) Plan

With the recommended and most popular plan, not only do you receive your choice of frequency checks as with all Pingometer plans, the 100% accuracy guarantee and email and phone support, but you’ll also get 15 monitors and access to add five groups and contacts to be alerted by Pingometer if downtime is detected. With the most chosen plan, Pingometer also offers data matching, which allows the website monitoring company to perform more precise searches that produce more efficient results.

Large Plan

Imagine 25 monitors in five locations tracking your website uptime. Pingometer will monitor your site as often as every minute and give you access to 10 groups and contacts for the company to reach in the event website downtime is detected. Pingometer offers data matching and SSL verification, also available with the medium and X-large plans, which keeps your customers’ information secure and their payments safe while they make purchases from your website.

X-Large Plan

Take advantage of Pingometer’s direct phone and live chat support, 50 monitors in 10 locations and up to 25 users on one account. The X-Large Plan, as with all plans from Pingometer, allows you to customize the frequency of your checks, and has unlimited event storage. Add up to 25 groups and contacts for Pingometer’s team to get in touch with if a challenge is detected.

Check Out Pingometer

The company is so sure that you’ll find its focus on performance driven uptime website monitoring to be an ally to your business, Pingometer offers its services for free. Pingometer is easy to setup with no installation and is simple to use. The free plan offers one monitor, choice of frequency checks to your site from every one to 30 minutes, email support and many more features.

Detailed Reports

One of the best benefits of being a part of Pingometer’s monitoring service, in addition to knowing the moment your site experiences downtime, is the in-depth reports you receive that give insight into the functionality of your site. You can see the number of events, average speed, uptime, response time and status codes. Once you have a grasp of what stats Pingometer is keeping track of, you’ll find numerous ways to use the information to better the online experience for your customers.

Pingometer is able to gather these statistics by reviewing a number of servers connected to your website. Pingometer provides you with information that will allow you to better your website and/or equipment to possibly avoid future website downtime.

Types of Coverage

It’s essential to know what types of monitoring will be available from any company with which you choose to work. Your needs may go beyond the lower level monitoring with just HTTP. If you want the comfort of knowing your website is being monitored by a more complex system, Pingometer is for you. Pingometer offers HTTP, HTTPS, RUM, DNS, ICMP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, TCP, UDP, API, and Transaction monitors.

Smart Alerts

If there is a specific person or group within your company who needs to be alerted the moment downtime is detected, the customizable Smart Alerts from Pingometer can fulfill that need. You can use groups and contacts to alert the right people at the right time. When downtime or a potential error is detected, Pingometer triggers emails, text messages, phone calls, Twitter DMs, or webhooks with intelligent scheduling to make sure your team can begin addressing the problem quickly.


Another benefit to choosing Pingometer as your website uptime monitor is the ease of integrating tools you may already be using on your website. Pingometer integrates smoothly with:

  • Cachet – Allows you to update component status on your Cachet page.
  • PagerDuty – Allows you to create and resolve incidents at PagerDuty.
  • Slack – Allows you to send alerts to a channel for up/down events.
  • StatusPage – Allows you to update component status at page.
  • Twitter – Allows you to send alerts via direct message for up/down events.

Pingometer knows “Downtime Hurts,” so open your free account today to prevent unnecessary downtime of your website.

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