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Review of ServerGuard24

When your website goes down, customers’ faith in your business diminishes, your SEO ranking drops and you or your team must stop everything to address the problem. While we would all like our business or personal website to never experience downtime, the reality of technology is that every website will inevitably crash at some point. Even if your site is unavailable because of planned downtime, each minute that customers cannot access your site is costing you money – whether it’s lost revenue, the cost of employees to address the issue, or customer confidence – you’re losing something. When your business’ website is down, every second counts.

If your website, or a portion of your website, is designed to sell products, you may opt for a web monitoring company that goes beyond the basic checks and alerts during downtime. ServerGuard24 is a monitoring company designed to not only alert you of a problem, but the error check system gives you a detailed description of the problem so you have a starting point of how to handle the issue. Secondly, ServerGuard24 offers apps for iPhone and Androids so you can stay connected to possible alerts anytime, anywhere. The overview reports offered by ServerGuard24 give you insight into how your website is running, and where potential problems may lie, even before a crash.

Failure Analysis

ServerGuard24 provides informative and detailed information, such as source codes and screenshots, which allows you to quickly find the cause of the problem and fix it right away. As part of the report, you’ll also receive a chart that displays the precise availability of every single check. Users can zoom in on the chart at specific moments to get more information about the error and which measuring points detected it. Because ServerGuard24 knows you want to be pro-active about keeping your site running, rather than reactive to downtime, the failure analysis also pinpoints weaknesses in your website or IT systems. You’ll receive performance graphs that illustrate when and where glitches happen.

ServerGuard24 On the Go

The website monitoring apps for iPhone and Android gives you mobile access at any time and provides information about the status of your systems. If you’re traveling, attending a conference or just taking a day off, you will have access to your site’s activity and any potential problems. You can also activate or deactivate notifications and view evaluations. In addition to the apps, you can integrate ServerGuard24 into your site’s structure through the API. This simple integration will benefit you through notifications, current status checks, site evaluations and much more.

Monitoring More than Your Site

Depending on your thirst for knowledge, or the requirements of your business, you can monitor all important aspects of your infrastructure with more than 20 monitors. Check the accessibility, proper functionality and performance of your websites withServerGuard24 monitoring. In addition to checking your website, you can monitor your mail server, databases, DNS services, firewalls and much more. ServerGuard24 claims users can be up and running within three minutes, so all you have to do is decide which plan works best for your business.


The Basic Plan from ServerGuard24 offers 22 monitors checking your site at one minute intervals, phone notification, server check, reports by email and export, and those are just a few of the features. The Basic Plan is designed for personal websites and small businesses. The price starts at $5.90 per month. This package also allows for five checks and 50 SMS messages, but does not permit multiple users.


The Advanced Plan is the most popular plan ServerGuard24 offers. With 22 monitors and 20 checks offered at 60 second intervals, performance reports, API admission and multi-user access, the Advanced Plan is a good fit for some small and mid-level businesses. You’ll receive up to 100 SMS messages and unlimited email and push notifications. This recommended plan begins at $19.90 per month.


The largest package available from ServerGuard24 is the Premium Plan. Fifty checks are completed on your site in one minute intervals. This plan also offers 22 monitors, performance reports API access, external status page, server checks and 200 SMS messages. This plan, designed for high level businesses, starts at a price point of $39.90 a month.

Try It

Whether you’re shopping around, or not sure you really want to commit to a website monitoring system at all, you can try ServerGuard24 for free for an entire month. The Starter Plan offers HTTP and Ping monitors, server checks, reports by email and five SMS messages. Your site will be monitored in five minute intervals. Delve into website monitoring with ServerGuard24 for 30 days free of charge.

ServerGuard24 is committed to alerting you the second your site experiences downtime, but the company offers to go a step beyond that basic service by giving you detailed reports of where the problem may have originated. You’ll appreciate the ease of use from the mobile apps and the valuable information you’ll receive from the overview reports.


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