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Review of SiteUptime

If you operate a personal website, an online store or a frequently read blog, you know how important website uptime is to your success. It’s inevitable that you will, at some point, experience downtime with site maintenance, a challenge with the server or a misstep in the DNS configuration. Having a website uptime monitor that alerts you to potential problems beyond a complete crash is key to your online triumph.

SiteUptime wants you to know when your website or server is down before your customers do. The website uptime monitoring company checks your website in two minute intervals from eight different locations across five continents. Before you or your team receive an alert that something is wrong, SiteUptime is sure to confirm the downtime or error report with an alternate geographic location check in an effort to minimize the potential for false reporting.

Other than the free option from SiteUptime, you may choose from two different purchased packages, both designed to fit into anyone’s budget while still offering above average website monitoring.

Free Plan

The Free Plan from SiteUptime offers monitoring intervals of 30 or 60 minutes from one monitor. A great benefit to the no charge plan is that users still receive access to eight monitoring locations, email alerts, monthly reports (which is not often offered with free plans from website monitoring companies), and failure alerts. Subscribers of the free package can also access the Uptime Button, which can be displayed on your website using SiteUptime’s geographical button icons.

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan offers site checks at two minute intervals from three monitors for one low monthly fee which is likely less than what many people spend for one lunch out. A monthly investment of $10 allows you access to email alerts, monthly reports, online statistics, error details, multiple alert contacts and many more features. Use the graphical reports tool to view your statistics reports as easy-to-read graphs and create presentations or strategic plans using the images.

Pro Plan

A monthly investment of $20 gives you access to the Pro Plan from SiteUptime. Receive two minute interval checks from six monitors while also having privileges to web page content. This allows you to have SiteUptime scan a particular web page for certain words and if the words do not register during the scan, you will be sent an alert. Use the public status page to display the uptime status for all your monitors on one page publicly. Ensure that the appropriate people on your team are alerted if a failure is recognized with SiteUptime’s multiple alert contacts feature.

SiteUptime helps you eliminate downtime through the use of a free or advanced remote monitoring service for your website. When your website goes down, you’ll be notified instantly via email and or SMS text message so that you can begin addressing the problems before they cost your company money, customers or reputation.


Multiple monitoring servers across the globe run procedure based tests on your website at specific intervals, which you can customize with some SiteUptime plans. Choose from two minute intervals, or opt for the five, 15, 30 or 60 minute interval periods. Because your customers should be able to access your site at any time of the day or night, SiteUptime performs constant checks 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to ensure that your customers and users can make purchases, read content or contact you through your website. You can also use the blackout schedule offered by SiteUptime to schedule your site monitoring to halt during planned downtime.


A useful tool from SiteUptime in regards to alerts is that you can up the threshold of receiving alerts and request the company make multiple checks before letting you know of a potential problem. If more than one monitoring location detects a connection failure or error, an email or SMS alert is sent to you. SiteUptime will follow-up on the downtime report by notifying you when your website is available to online users again.


The SiteUptime software tracks your website’s failures, error messages and downtime and logs detailed reports of your website each month. You can browse the reports to be pro-active in bettering your site to avoid a crash, or to simply better the user experience by looking into content that may be causing a slow load time for your end users. Use the web page content report to have SiteUptime scan a particular web page for certain words and if the words do not register during the scan, you will be sent an alert.

Get a feel for SiteUptime by visiting their site and typing your website URL into the Quick Check box at the bottom of the homepage. The website uptime monitoring company will check the status of your website instantly once you type in the domain. Begin your monitoring experience with the free account from SiteUptime to see if the features offered fit your business needs.

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