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Review of Uptime

While we would all like our business or personal website to never experience downtime, the reality of technology is that every website will inevitably crash at some point. Consider that Facebook, consistently one of the top most visited sites in the world, also experiences crashes. Even if your site if unavailable because of planned downtime, the truth is, each minute of downtime is costing you money – whether it’s lost revenue, the cost of employees to address the issue, or customer confidence – you’re losing something.

When you partner with Uptime, you’re on the road to recovering your website faster. Uptime checks your website at one minute intervals from 30 different locations across five continents. Considered one of the most used website monitoring companies, Uptime alerts you the moment a challenge is detected through SMS or email.

Uptime Packages

With Uptime, you receive 24/7 support, a 60 second check rate, and a minimum of a four month history storage with any purchased package. In fact, even with a $10 monthly investment for your website monitoring system, you receive many features that go beyond just informing you when the site has crashed.

A Basic Package designed for a personal website will cost you less than what you likely spend on lattes in a week. For a mere $10 monthly investment, you not only lock in 50 checks, one minute check rate at all U.S. test locations and 50 monthly SMS credits, but you also receive virus and malware scanning, unlimited API calls and ping monitoring.

The package designed for small business websites, the Superior Package, is a step up in website monitoring with 100 checks at one minute intervals in all U.S. and Europe locations. With 12 month history storage, take a look back at your site’s downtime periods, longest uptimes, and other data analytics that help you build a strategic plan for your next year of business. Also enjoy bulk management, SSL monitoring, multiple user accounts and third party push notifications. The Superior Package is a $25 monthly investment.

Advanced Monitoring with Uptime takes your website monitoring to the next level with 200 checks at all test locations across the globe, unlimited SMS credits and a two years history storage. You can also take advantage of the public status page, 24/7 support, content matching and unlimited API calls to strengthen your website, not just react to an outage. This advanced system from Uptime is a monthly cost of $50.

The largest offering from Uptime is the Enterprise Package. You’ll know that your company’s website is thoroughly covered with 2,000 checks, premium support, technical setup, custom solutions and brand free reporting – all features only offered on the supreme package for a multi-level company for $400 monthly.

Of course, if you’re shopping website monitoring companies, and you want to decide which best fits your needs, begin with Uptime’s free plan.

Beyond the Basic Check

While some website monitoring companies complete basic HTTP checks to ensure your site is up and running, Uptime performs a more complex back-end diagnosis to not only check the uptime of your site, but to also scan for viruses or malware. A great benefit to scanning for viruses is that Uptime is promoting the SEO results of your site. If search engines like Google detect malware within your site, your search engine ranking will dramatically drop, forcing you to correct the problem and rebuild trust within the search engine before your ranking is restored. Uptime’s unlimited tests include HTTP, Real User Monitoring, Ping, SSH, TCP, UDP, DNS, SMTP, POP, IMAP, Domain Blacklist, Domain Whois/Expiry, Virus/Malware, and SSL Certificate Expiry.

Detailed Reports

In addition to the 60 second interval site scan, you also receive detailed reports from Uptime. Customize your Uptime plan to receive daily, weekly, or monthly email reports regarding the uptime and response time of your checks. Because the reports offer a detailed summary of each check, you can be pro-active when it comes to bettering your site.

Global Monitoring

Simply because your website appears to be working correctly for you while you sit in your home office, it doesn’t mean everyone is having the same positive experience on your site. For that reason, a great feature from Uptime is that they monitor for your website or web application from more than 30 locations around the world. This global network ensures the accessibility to continue site monitoring even if there’s a region-specific weather event or other natural disaster.

Customizable Alerts

You’re not always at your computer, and for that reason Uptime offers multiple ways to receive your downtime alerts. Receive down, and recovery, alerts via Email, SMS, Twitter, Web-hooks, or via Push Notifications. Alerts can push to HipChat, Pager Duty, Pushbullet, Pushover, Slack, VictorOps, or to a Custom Postback URL. Uptime is designed around you and your business, giving you options that fit your lifestyle.

Uptime stands on the promise that their company offers “Everything you need, nothing you don’t!” Put them to the test with a free trial today.

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